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The Transfer xt.r is made in France.  This stunt kite is built with fine quality construction and has a harness configuration slightly different from most, with double attachment points near the lower spreader.

Dimensions, specs & cost
The width of the Transfer xt r. is 8', weighs 11.5 oz, and is rated for 3-18 mph.  It is more like 5-18 mph.  My own rating is based on how much wind it takes to keep it in the air without extraneous effort, which is different from the manufacturer's specs.  The cost of the Transfer xt r. was $300.00.  I purchased this stunt kite from The Kite Shoppe.

Flight Characteristics
The Transfer is an okay flyer and has precise control in handling.  It makes an interesting "whiss" sound in higher winds.   If your flight style involves tricks that wrap the leading edge, such as yo-yos, I would advise that you make one modification to your line set.  The fabric texture of the Transfer's leading edges will quickly damage your lines when they slide across it.  An easy fix is to add 4' 3" of heavier line (such as harness line) between the kite's harness and its line set.  (I made this same line set modification to my Nirvana, the Deep Space and the Lynx.)  The one draw back about the Transfer is that it lacks to ability to make dramatic speed variances that I can more easily put into my flight routines of some of my other stunt kites.  If you have a limited budget for the higher end stunt kites, there are several others I would purchase first, such as the Nirvana Standard.
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