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Updated March 5, 2007
Hi All!

Hal My name is Hal Krohn.  I was introduced to stunt kites by my good friend Patrick in June of 2004.  In just one breezy afternoon, I was hooked!  Three weeks later, after breaking Patrick's Prism E2 during a strong gust of wind, I decided to purchase my own kite.  Buying an E2 seemed to be the logical place to start, since I had already purchased spare parts for Patrick's E2.

E2 Mamba By August 2004, I decided to purchase my second kite.  After comparing lots of kites for competition type, flight characteristics and the best looking sail patterns, I chose a Blue Moon Mamba.  I asked Ken McNeil, owner of Blue Moon Fabrications, to reproduce an American flag pattern that he had made for another customer, that I had seen on a French kite Web site.  A few days later, my new Mamba was a reality.  After lots of abuse, she's still a beaut!  To this day, I fly her with great pride!  I am proud to be an American and my Amercian flag Mamba says it loud and clear!  Someday, maybe I'll be a good enough pilot to be able to show off what I know this kite can do.

Stylus P1 Foil Nirvana Several months later, after flying Patrick's new R-Sky Nirvana (the hot looking red one), I just had to have one.  So, I purchased a blue Nirvana.  Since then, I have purchased two Prism Stylus P1 Foils.  I gave the first one to my oldest son, so that he can fly it with his five kids.  Recently, I replaced it so that I can teach others to fly dual line kites without having to worry about breaking anything in a crash.  These foils are very durable.

CLICK HERE On, Saturday, December 16, 2006, I took my wife and all of my kites to the park to meet Patrick.  We shot video of my wife flying our Stylus P1 foil, to use in our upcoming tutorial page for new kite pilots.  I was going to use her as an illustration of what not to do.... but, she flew so well, I'm going to use her kite flying abilities as a positive illustration of good form and exceptional control, especially since it was only her second time flying a dual line kite.  Also, we took lots of photos to share with you.  Click on the sunset thumbnail photo to see them.

You may have noticed that we have used a lot of blue and green to frame our Web pages.  There are several reasons for our choices.  Blue and green represent the colors we see most when we fly: the blue of the Arizona sky and the green of the grass in our favorite park (Udall Park, Tucson, AZ).  Another reason for the color green is that Patrick, who was born on St. Patrick's Day, is of Irish heritage.

Kite Bag SHOW & TELL Kite Bag

Blue Moon Mamba Nirvana E2 P1

For anyone who might
be interested in making
their own single string kite,
click here for instructions.
Garbage Bag Kite

I will be posting video of my kites in the future.

More later.

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