Cavalier du Ciel "Shiva"

Updated January 26, 2007
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The Shiva Competition is made by Cavalier du Ciel.  My kite is the standard version, designed for medium winds.  However, I was surprised to find that it could fly well in a very light breeze, as well as in moderate winds.  If you are looking for a single stunt kite that will keep you flying in very little wind, this is the one I recommend.  Also, Cavalier du Ciel builds an ultralight and a vented version.  Also, it has been used as a professional team kite.

Dimensions, Specs & Cost
The Shiva Competition is 7' 4" wide, weights 9.2 oz., and is rated for 2-19 mph.  I would say it is more like 3-12 mph, based on how much wind it takes to keep it in the air without any extraneous effort and what I think it can take in high wind.  I purchased my Shiva Competition from The Kite Shoppe for $216.00.

Flight Characteristics
The Shiva Competition responds well and moves with clean precision.  For me, that same sail that grabs those light breezes, takes on a bit too much at higher wind speeds, so I prefer flying it in low to moderate winds.
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