Patrick's Sasaki Kites "Katana"
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The Katana has good performance and is well constructed.  Its sail has a different style of stitching than other kites.  My Katana's stitching was done in white to contrast with the sail colors, which shows-off the stitching nicely.  Also, it has an added double line support on the backside of its mid sail.  The length of spine below the spreader bar is longer than what you see on most stunt kites.  Normally, Katana sails are assembled with three colors, but I happened to find one made with just two colors.  I prefer this simpler sail pattern.  My kite probably would not have grabbed my attention otherwise.

Dimensions, specs & cost
The Katana is 7' 1" wide, weights 10 ounces, and is rated for 3-18 mph.  I think it is more like 5-18 mph.  My own rating is based on how much wind it takes to keep it in the air without any additional effort.  I purchased the Katana from "Gone With The Wind" for $215.00.

Flight Characteristics
The Katana is unique in that, with a quick tug on the lines, it accelerates quicker than most stunt kites.  You can do this somewhat with other stunt kites, but with the Katana, the sail structure allows it to move from a stand still to sudden speed with little air resistance.  This feature allows for more dramatic flight routines.  Overall, it is a fine stunt kite.  Sadly, I get the impression that not many stunt kite pilots know about it.
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