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I believe that stunt kites of this quality and craftsmanship should be seen and enjoyed.  So I have suspended all of my kites from the ceiling.  They are a pleasing kaleidoscope of colors and shapes.

Also, displaying my kites in this manner is functional.  They are easily reached when I wish to fly them, and they don't get wrinkled, as they would be if they were stored in their kite bags.

Kite bag... who needs a kite bag?
Each stunt kite comes with a kite bag but I have no use for them because I assemble a kite once and leave it assembled.  When a kite arrives from the distributor, the kite's sail is wrinkled from being bundled in its packaging.  Once I assemble it, I give it a thorough shower with warm water and hang it up to dry.  (Do not use hot water because that can warp the fabric.)  Dependent upon the kite's sail, my process removes most or all of the wrinkles.

Each kite is ready to fly.  Its control lines are attached to it and wound on a plastic winder that is secured to the lower spreader bar, which allows me to carry the kite without getting the lines tangled.  As you can see in the photos, each kite has its own place on my ceiling.  I use a simple ribbon and clip to secure them.  This set up makes it easy for me to grab a few kites and be off and flying quickly.

The last two photos show the quarter inch wide ribbon and plastic support clip.  The clip is trimmed round to fit nicely over a kite's rods.  A short screw and plastic washer attaches the ribbon to the ceiling.  If you want the ribbon knot to look cleaner, you can put a little heat shrink tubing around it, which I sometimes use on parts of the line sets as well.
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