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DANGER - High Voltage All of the devices shown on this page use HIGH VOLTAGE, which may inflict serious injury or death.  This page is intended solely as entertainment.  DO NOT ATTEMPT to reproduce any of the following devices.  Halice Internet & Computer Services will not be held liable for injury or death. DANGER - High Voltage

Gravity Damping Research

There is research taking place that sounds more like science fiction than reality.  My initial interest was spawned while watching a show on the Discovery Channel about alternative propulsion systems.  It featured Tim Ventura, formerly of, illustrating a propulsion system that has no moving parts.  I was hooked immediately.  In the course of communicating with Tim, he made reference to a self-taught physicist named John Hutchison.

As a young man, John Hutchison decided that he would devote his life to pursuing research originally done by Nikola Tesla.  Tesla was the father of alternating current, hydrodynamic power systems, wireless technology, florescent lighting, remote control, radar, x-ray, robotics, HAARP technology and particle beam weaponry, and held over 700 patents.  To view a fascinating 46 minute video of Tesla's life and achievements, click here.  John Hutchison reproduced Tesla's lab and in due course, discovered wondrous multifaceted effects that have come to be known as the "Hutchison Effect".  John's discoveries have sent ripples through the physics community.  John's experiments have resulted in levitation of objects, zero-point energy (also known as free energy) and the creation of exotic alloys.  John's discoveries, whether taken seriously or not, have been looked into by Canadian and American governmental agencies, including the CIA and NASA.  To read more about John and his work, check out the Web site

I'm Hal Krohn.  When my sons were little, they called me  "Mr. Science."   Since an early age, I have had a need to know how things work.  My interest in John Hutchison's work has started me on a quest.  Following some preliminary research, I decided to replicate some of John's lab equipment, which includes various types of Tesla coils, Van de Graaff generators and other high voltage devices.  My first project was to build a Jacob's ladder.  Then, I got a little side tracked and built two ion wind lifters.  Next, I spent nearly four months researching and building my first Tesla coil.  On July 1, 2006, I fired my coil for the first time.  Links to photos and videos of my equipment can be found farther down this page.  Thanks to a another man who thinks way outside the box, I am having a total blast researching and building and testing!  Someday, I'd really like to meet Mr. Hutchinson!

In recent years, I have built a Van de Graaff generator that sports a 22" diameter stainless steel sphere that stands over 6 feet tall.  Also, I have purchased a 15KVA @ 7.2KV distribution transformer, also known as a "Pole Pig", to use as a power source for a large Jacob's Ladder and possibly another Tesla coil.  Also, I have purchased the plans to build a Mendocino solar motor from Tom Vales.  Also, I have been inspired by Bart Anderson to start experimenting with repairing neon sign transformers, which are commonly used as power sources for small to medium size Tesla coils.

Hal's  First  Tesla  Coil
John Hutchison utilizes several Tesla coils when creating the Hutchison Effect.  Building one seemed to be a good place to start.  In mid March 2006, I started researching what type and size Tesla coil I should build first.  In the first week of April, I bought a prewound 4 inch secondary coil that needed a great deal of work.  After nearly four months of part collecting and fabrication, I fired my 4 inch Tesla coil for the first time on the afternoon of July 1, 2006, with great success.

Click on photo above for an enlargement.

Hal's  Ion  Wind  Lifters
I wanted to attempt to reproduce an Ion Wind Lifter.  The following videos show my success.  I was too cheap to spring for balsa wood and 50 gauge stainless steel wire, so I substituted thin drinking straws for balsa and stripped the stainless steel wire out of the shielding of a computer monitor cable.  Thanks to Tim Ventura, the instructions to build a lifter can be found at

Click on photo above for an enlargement.

Hal's  First  Van de Graaff  Generator
On July 9, 2006, I closed a deal with a Fred Graff of Northern California.  He put together a partially assembled Van de Graaff generator that was designed to sport a 30" sphere.  For now, I am running that generator with a smaller 22" stainless steel sphere, shown below.

Click on photo above for an enlargement.

Hal's  Other  Experiments
The first device I built was a Jacob's ladder, so I could test
transformers and generally have a good time.  This video was updated on
July 9, 2006, with the ladder being powered by four 15KV NSTs
at a total current of 120mA.
  • Video of Jacob's Ladder (5.54 MB, 1:05 minutes)
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             Photo of first Jacob's ladder
Click on photo above for an enlargement.
On July 2, 2006, I bid on a 15KVA pole pig (distribution transformer) on
Ebay and won.  I drove to Los Angeles to pick it up.  I am using an
old arch welder as a current limiter and have connected a 3' tall Jacob's
ladder to it.  CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO of it emitting rolling and curling
plasma arches. 

In the near future, I plan to construct a floor to ceiling Jacob's ladder
using my pole pig, with a considerable increase in current.
pig1         pigfire
Click on photos above for an enlargement.

On July 24, 2006, I depotted my first defective neon sign transformer
(NST).  The purpose in doing so was to repair it for continued use as
a power source for Tesla coils.  For the rest of the story, go to my
NST Repair Page.

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46 Minute Video About Nikola Tesla

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