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Starting his musical career later than some, Arthur Miscione was a person who was passionate about expressing himself through his music.  A self-taught musician, Arthur was an accomplished acoustic and bass guitar player, who was the bassist for the Ronstadt-Ramirez Santa Cruz Band.

On April 14, 2006, Arthur died of lung cancer at the age of 53.  This page stands as a memorial to a friend who helped me get this business started by being my first Web site customer.  Thank you Arthur.

Arthur's CD NON-FICTION is a musical work of heart-felt passion and humorous insight.  Click on a song title to hear it in RealAudio or choose from MP-3 or Wave.

RealAudio format is recorded in stereo and downloads quickest.
MP-3 format is recorded in stereo with near CD quality.
Wave format is recorded in mono with RA quality.

  1.  Trolley On St. Charles Ave. - MP-3 - Wave 
  2.  She Will Never Love Me - MP-3 - Wave
  3.  This Song's For You - MP-3 - Wave
  4.  I Wonder Too - MP-3 - Wave
  5.  The Ballad of Oral Swagger - MP-3 - Wave
  6.  Barbara Jane - MP-3 - Wave
  7.  Talk to Me - MP-3 - Wave
  8.  Don't Look Behind - MP-3 - Wave
  9.  True Love Runs Deep - MP-3 - Wave
  10.  Unloved - MP-3 - Wave
  11.  We'll Meet Again - MP-3 - Wave
Arthur and his guitar

  Check out the lyrics from NON-FICTION 

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