R-Sky "Nirvana Vented"

Last Updated January 27, 2007.
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The Nirvana Vented is one of the best freestyle kites for flying in high winds.  Other vented kites have similarities but this kite has adjustment options that make it superior.  The lower vents on the sail have slotted inserts that can be quickly set to let through more or less air flow.  Also, the upper harness is easily adjusted to optimize performance.

Dimensions, specs & cost
The width of the Nirvana Vented is 7' 7", weighs 10.5 oz and is rated for 8-25 mph.  I purchased mine from The Kite Shoppe for $292.00 which was a hot deal.  You sometimes can get special deals on stunt kites if you purchase them during winter.  The regular price for a Nirvana Vented is around $390.00.

Flight Characteristics
The Nirvana Vented allows you take on those higher winds, which is a different flying experience when you have the wind forces that would break standard stunt kites.  You don't have the same control but this stunt kite comes very close.
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