Prism Designs "Quantum Pro"

Last updated August 29, 2011
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The Quantum Pro is made in the USA, unlike many of Prism stunt kites that are made in China.  Prism also makes a cheaper version of this kite called the Quantum, which doesn't fly nearly as well as the Quantum Pro.  The Quantum Pro has quality detail, sturdy construction and comes with a unique set of tail weights.  Its harness is easy to adjust and comes with a length of leader line for yo-yo maneuvers.

Dimensions, specs & cost
The width of the Quantum Pro is 7' 8", weighs 10.8 oz., and is rated for 3-20 mph.  It is more like 6-20 mph.  My rating is based on how much wind it takes to keep it in the air without extraneous effort and not by the manufacturer's specs.  The minimum air speed of 3 mph, that the kite is supposed to fly in, is ridiculous.  I purchased my Quantum Pro from The Kite Shoppe for $252.00.  Its current price around $280.00.

Flight Characteristics
The Quantum Pro handles great.  It flies different than my other stunt kites, with sort of a heavy feel on the lines but it doesn't lack in performance.  This stunt kite needs a moderate wind to perform well.  When the right wind is there, it is a real kick to fly.  This kite comes with a set of weights that can be added to the kite, one at a time, to change its flight characteristics.  The weight is shown in the lower left photo.  (Note that the kite is up side down in the photo.)
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