Patrick's Premier "Profile"
January 21, 2006.
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The Profile is commonly seen with the brand name of "Premier", but you may also find it with the brand name "Sky Burner".  The Profile has a large sail area and has the largest diameter tubing of any kite in my collection.  A unique feature of the Profile is that it is vented with two screen vents and three hole vents, even though it is not categorized for high wind.  Vents are features you would normally see on high wind stunt kites.  I was not impressed with the sail pattern and color selections for this kite.  Still, the Profile has some interesting flight characteristics that allowed me to look past its appearance.  I modified my Profile slightly by stitching a pinch of the sail behind the upper spreader to grip around the spine.  On this kite alone I did this to make the sail a little more taught at that point where I thought it was too loose.  The result is that it cuts through the air better.  It is a very sturdy kite.  At the low price of $130.00, including a middle grade line set, it is an okay stunt kite.

Some Specs
The Profile is 7' 6" wide and weights 10 oz.  It is rated for 4-25 mph.  It comes with generic looking hand straps on 90' of 150 lb Spectra line set.

Flight Characteristics
The high point of the Profile is how well it handles in winds that are not all that steady.  Its vent design stabilizes it in gusty winds where other kites would be flying irradically.  The Profile is a favorite of Tom, the owner of "Let's fly a Kite", a kite shop in Texas, where I purchased it online.  He told me he could fly squares with the Profile and he was correct.  This stunt kite can make very sharp turns and emits an interesting roaring sound when cutting through the wind.  If you fly it in high wind, I suggest that you watch your footing and be of adult size because, despite its vents, the Profile has a very serious pull.
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