Blue Moon "Mamba Standard"
(Custom Design & Colors)

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The Mamba is what I would consider to be at the top of Ken McNeil's kites, the owner of Blue Moon Fabrications.  Ken put this one together for me with custom colors and stitched in the extra shamrocks I requested at a very reasonable cost.  I picked a sail color scheme similar to my good friend Hal's American flag theme Mamba, seen on his pages.  Green is not a common color for some reason in the stunt kite world, and both this Mamba and my Lynx came through a custom color sail pattern order.

The width of the Mamba is 95" (7'11") from tip to tip.  We noticed on both our Mambas that it is 2" wider than the Blue Moon specs.  It's overall height is 45" and the tail of the spine is 9" above the ground.

Flight Characteristics
You will see the Mamba used in flying competitions due to its precision in handling.  My own skill in doing freestyle tricks is limited, however my friend Hal has shown off the Mamba's capabilities.  For my own flight time with the Mamba, I have found it to cut through the air smooth and turns with no over-spin.  It flies in a wide wind range but if you take to the higher end, be ready for some serious pull with the heavy grab of its sail.  With high winds I tend to switch to another kite configured for it, but in the mid range wind window the Mamba flies just fine for me.
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