Patrick's Kites - Kite lines by Go Fly a Kite and Premier
Last Updated June 9, 2009.
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The main thing about a line reel is that it can save a child from getting string burns on their hands and fingers.  The draw back to a reel is that it can get internally tangled.  It is easy to fix though, so keep a screwdriver handy.  These plastic reel type winders I have found only to be useful in lower wind ranges.  In stronger winds the internal plastic parts will break, so in high winds, stick to the standard spool winders.

You can go with a conventional line and spool but it is advisable to wear light gloves to protect hands and fingers.

The line spools made by Premier come with a decent braided line and handy strong attachment clips.  The quality of line is better than what comes in reels, though you can restring a reel with a better quality line.

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