Patrick's Prism "Stowaway"
Last Updated June 9, 2009.
Click on the photo for enlargement.

The Stowaway is a 2' 9" wide diamond shaped single line kite.  Its average cost is around $25.00, string and tail included.  It comes in three color patterns.

This kite is well constructed and comes in a small package.  The line can be easily adjusted where it attaches to the kite's harness, making pitch adjustment quick and easy, as shown in the photo.  This traditionally shaped diamond kite has a smaller wind window in which it will fly well.  This kite does okay and the dynamic original color schemes are appealing.

One drawback is its handy small packaging.  The kite fabric gets more wrinkled than most, though wrinkles can't be seen when it's in the air.  Also, though its tails are colorful, the fabric used will start to fray at the edges after a short period of time.

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