Patrick's G-Kites "Spotlight"
Last Updated June 9, 2009.
Click on the photo for enlargement.

The Spotlight is a 5' 0" wide delta shaped single line kite.  Its average cost is around $22.00, string not included.  It comes in three-color patterns.

This kite has a smart design and better assembly attachments than what you would normally find.  Note the rod fittings in my photo along with the base Velcro wrap.  The kite comes with three tail attachments and a nylon carry bag.  This is an easy flyer in most winds and can be flown by a small child.  This kite is a super deal with the features it has.

The only draw back is that there is only one attachment point for the string.  Therefore, the pitch of the kite cannot be adjusted.  This is a minor issue.  Also, if I had designed this kite, I would have extended the keel for a bit more flight stability.

Overall, this is a very good flying delta shaped kite.

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