Patrick's HQ "Delta 2m"
Last Updated June 9, 2009.
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The Delta 2m is a 6' 5" wide delta shaped single line kite.  Its average cost is around $30.00, string included.  This kite was formerly called the "Downtown Delta."  They also had another color version called the "Uptown" but it's no longer available, as far as I know.

This kite is a very good flyer.  It goes up with ease in a wide range of winds.  I have added some ribbon tale that trails from the middle.  It also has eyelets to make ribbon attachments at the wing tips.  More importantly, it has three eyelets for attaching the string.  This allows for three different pitch angles, depending on the kind of wind you are flying in.  Also, the large surface area of the keel gives the kite added stability.

I wouldn't recommend this kite for a child under the age of seven, because it has an aggressive pull in strong winds.  It is such a good flying, well balanced Delta that it is a shame HQ didn't make a smaller version for younger kids.

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