Patrick's Martin Lester "Rainbow Bird"
Last Updated June 9, 2009.
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The Rainbow Bird is a 5' 7" wide single line kite.  Its average cost is around $20.00, string not included.  It has gone through a couple of changes, the most recent being the addition of a quarter inch black trim added to the upper wings.

Though you don't see this kite advertised with a tail, it definitely needs one for stability.  Without one, it tends to tip on its side and then nosedive.  Instead of a single tail, you can attach ribbons to the wing tips, which helps minimize its instability.

The main issue with this kite is that the spar connectors are not durable enough to give it longevity.  If you mishandle this kite or repeatedly crash it, the spar connectors will most likely be the first things to break.

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