Patrick's New Tech "Ascension"
Last Updated June 9, 2009.
Click on the photo for enlargement.

The Ascension is a 5' 4" wide Delta shaped single line kite that comes in three colors.  Its average cost is around $33.00, string not included.

This kite is an excellent flyer in a wide range of winds.  That unique central open-keeled pocket gives it great stability and lift.  No tails are needed.  Its first flight after purchase was by my nephew's six year old daughter, and the kite was easy for her to handle.  As far as single string kites go, this is a good one.

For any child under ten, I would recommend one of the types of string reels as an accessory to the kite, so their fingers never get a friction burn from the string.  See my single string reel and line reviews.

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