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Last updated February 1, 2007.
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The Stylus family of foils consists of three kites: the P.1 and its two larger brothers, the P.2 and P.3.  The latter two are larger foils that have greater pulling power.  The P.1, however, has similar basic flight characteristics and pulling power as the average stunt kite.  Therefore the P.1 is an effective training tool, rather than the more fragile delta wing stunt kites.

Dimensions, Specs & cost
The P.1 is 5' 6" in width, and 2' 3.5" tall and is rated for 6-25 mph.  It comes in two colors and costs around $75.00.  I have purchased a handful of them from both The Kite Connection and Gone With The Wind.  The three most recent ones came with a heavier black harness and line sets that are slightly shorter than the older version.  The older version kites came with yellow harnesses that were thinner and more flexible, and their line sets were approximately 15' longer.  Personally, I prefer the older version P.1 setup because I believe it was of better quality.

Flight Characteristics
It is more difficult to launch a foil than a delta wing design stunt kite.  A foil can easily take off before you are ready, or just as easily get tangled on the ground.  During your first few flights, it would help to have someone hold the foil while you unwind your line, and then have them release the foil for you.  If you are by yourself, try anchoring the foil's trailing edge with a large rock or a water bottle.  When ready to launch, pull evenly on both lines.  The foil's sail will fill with air and your anchoring object will roll off your foil and it will launch.
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