Patrick's Prism Designs "Nexus"
Last updated January 29, 2007.
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The Nexus is a decent little stunt kite if you are on a tight budget, or just want a low cost starter kite.  I have been spoiled flying higher quality stunt kites but the Nexus flies quite well for costing only $50.  One modification I would recommend would be to remove the metal clips from the line set, where the lines connect to the kite's harness, and give it standard line connections.  This is the only stunt kite I've seen with these odd metal clips that add needless weight and have edges which could possibly damage the kite's sail..  The metal clips add needless weight and could possibly damage the kite's sail.

Dimensions, specs & cost
The width of the Nexus is 5' 6", weights 6 oz. and is rated for 3-25 mph winds.  I don't agree with that wind rate.  I would say it was more like 5-19 mph.  The Nexus also comes with an 85', 100 pound line set.  I purchased mine from Gone With The Wind for $46.00.

Flight Characteristics
The Nexus has good flight characteristics and handles well.  Its frame is thin and has a visible flexibility that you will notice in flight.  Due to its small sail area, there is little pull, even in stronger winds.

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