Patrick's Prism Designs "Micron"
Updated January 15, 2007.
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The Micron by Prism is the smallest of the stunt kites.  The Micron does require more wind to fly due to its small sail but it is a lot of fun if the wind is there.  The construction quality and design are not bad for the cost.

Dimensions, Specs & cost
The Micron is only 3' 3" in width, at 6.1oz. and is rated for 5-25 mph.  (It is more like 8-25 mph.) This one comes with 50' of 50 lb. Spectra line, along with two mini finger straps.  It also comes with a long tail ribbon attachment, should you choose to use it.  I purchased mine from Gone With The Wind for around $50.00.

Flight Characteristics
First off, you need to be an experienced pilot before flying this one.  The Micron is a very fast flyer.  It has hardly any pull on the lines due to its size, yet you can put it into spins and sweeps that go so fast that it is a blur.  The long tail accessory can be put on for effect but it slows the kite down a bit.  I prefer to fly it without the tail.
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