L'Atelier "Lynx Feather UL" (Custom Colors)

Updated March 9, 2007
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The Lynx Feather UL (Ultralight) has construction that is top notch.  At the time I purchased my Lynx, L'Atelier offered custom sail colors at no additional cost.  Even when ordering a custom color, this manufacturer is prompt.

Dimensions, specs & cost The width of the Lynx Feather UL is 6' 0" (72"), weighs 5.6 oz. and is rated at 0-12 mph.  I don't relate to the concept of zero wind.  My rating is based on how much wind it takes to keep a kite in the air without extraneous effort and not by the manufacturer's specs.  This stunt kite does not have a large sail area, therefore does not create much lift from a light breeze, so I rate it at 4-12 mph.  I purchased this stunt kite from The Kite Shoppe for $172.00.

Flight Characteristics The Lynx Feather UL, though I don't agree with the manufacturer's wind specs, is still a UL and should be flown on a 50 pound line set.  In flight, it has some fine qualities but Hal and I believe that there is something off in its harness configuration.  We tried a modification of its harness by shortening its attachments to the upper spreader by 1 " and it improved its handling.  It still needs some other harness changes to be worked out.  We will post that information later when that is resolved.  I am confident the Lynx Feather UL will perform well, once the harness configuration is set better.

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