Patrick's L'Atelier "iPop"
Updated March 9, 2007
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The iPop is made in France by L'Atelier.  Three of my stunt kites are made by them and the quality of construction is very good.  The iPop is one of their simpler designs but it is a very good performer.

Dimensions, specs & cost
The width of the iPop is 5' 1" (61") and is rated for 3-18 mph.  I would put it at 4-20 mph.  I purchased the iPop from The Kite Shoppe for $100.00.  The iPop also comes with its own line set, however it is a low grade set and not one I would use.  I replaced it with a better line set of Laser Pro Gold for optimal performance.

Flight Characteristics The iPop is very easy to fly, has very precise handling and has good speed when you want it.  In a strong wind, this stunt kite puts out a buzzing sound like a bee.  With this kite's smaller size, its pull is very slight, even in stronger winds.  Overall, the iPop is a good investment.

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