Patrick's Sky Burner "Heat"
Updated January 16, 2007.
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The Heat by Sky Burner kites is a stunt kite which you may have a hard time finding today, though there may be some still around.  The frame structure is very clean and simple, with a sail that's tight and snug to its tips.  At least with the one I have, someone very skilled at stitching put it together with precise care.

Dimensions, Specs & cost
The Heat is 6' 1" wide, weights 8.75 oz. and is rated for 3-25 mph.  (I think it is more like 4-20 mph.  My own rating is based on how much wind it takes to keep it in the air without any extraneous effort, or what would be at its high end structure limits.)  I purchased the Heat from Into The Wind, at a bargain box deal for $135.00.  The regular price is around $210.00.

Flight Characteristics
The one flight characteristic that is unique to the Heat is how it holds its elevation as it flies horizontally just above the ground.  Also, it is very fast.
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