Patrick's H.Q. "E-Motion"
Updated March 8, 2007
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The E-motion is a stunt kite that might be a hard find at this time.  This color pattern that you see here was made special for Into The Wind.  They might still have some of them in stock.  I can only recommend this stunt kite if you can find one that is from the old stock, like this one.  The reason is that later versions were made by a different manufacturer.  A later version of the E-motion, call the Evolution, had construction quality that was pathetic.  The online store that I bought my Evolution from said it was the best out of the five they had in stock.  I returned it without bothering to fly it, considering it was the most poorly sewn stunt kite I had ever seen.  I can only guess that the new manufactures of H.Q. have no quality control.  However, since this review, H.Q. might have improved their kite construction.

Dimensions, specs & cost
The width of the Emotion is 7' 4", weighs 9.7 oz. and is rated for 4-18 mph.  It more like 4-22 mph.  I purchased the E-motion, with its custom colors that were made for Into The Wind, from Into The Wind for only $130.00.  I believe this one was made in Poland.  Its construction quality was good.

Flight Characteristics
The E-Motion I found has good flight characteristics.  It has very good turn control and handles well in a wide range of winds; there aren't many stunt kites I can say that about.  The E-motion also has the capability of doing very tight spinning maneuvers, which you can stop on a dime and it has no over steer.  I was very impressed with it, for being a lower dollar kite.  I had hoped that someone would match this stunt kite's sail configuration and build a version of it with the higher quality rod materials but no one has done so yet.

One interesting note, sometimes when flying after dark in stadium lit conditions, stunt kites often attract bats.  In Tucson, we have common bats with a six inch wing spans.  For some reason, the E-motion has an unknown dynamic that makes it attract bats more than other stunt kites.  You should avoid hitting bats because they can cause damage to the sail.

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