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The 3D is made in China.  The one pictured here is an earlier version.  The later 3Ds have a different sail pattern that gives it a new look. 

One feature of the 3D, which is clearly hazardous, is its four stand-off supports.  They extend out behind the kite with sharp points that could cause a cut or puncture wound.  In the photo here, you can see I modified my kite with the safety addition of putting red rubber covers over the sharp points.

Dimensions, specs & cost
The width of the 3D it 4' 0", weighs 2.25 oz., and is rated for 0-10 mph.  (It is more like 3-10 mph.  My rating is based on how much wind it takes to keep it in the air without extraneous effort, which is different from the manufacturer's specs.  I don't relate to the concept of zero wind.)  The cost of the 3D runs around $86.00.  However, I got mine for the special price of $34.00 from the Kite Connection.

Flight Characteristics
The 3D is fun to fly in the correct wind, which is smooth and even.  It doesn't do well in choppy winds.  I like flying mine on 75 feet of 50 pound Laser Pro Gold lines.  This kite has very little pull, even in more aggressive winds.  It is very fast and responsive and also has the unique characteristic of flexing its body shape during flight due to its light structure.  Its flight characteristics remind me of a large flying moth.
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