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"Stylus P.1 Seafoam" Power Foil

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The long name of this foil is based on the following.  The P.1 is the smallest of the four power foils in the Stylus series.  It has three big brothers, the P.2, P.3 and P.4.  Its colors inspired someone at Prism to name its color scheme "Seafoam".  After learning how to pilot a delta shaped stunt kite, foils are quite boring because they can't do any slack-line tricks.  However, a foil is a great way to learn how to pilot a dual line kite, without being too concerned about damaging the kite.

When the foil is laid out on the ground, it is 5' 5" in width and 2' 3.5" tall.

Flight Characteristics
The P.1 foil has a pull equal to a large delta wing stunt kite.  It maneuvers well and is very quick when the wind picks up.  It takes more wind to fly a foil than it does to fly most of our kites.  However, in a strong wind, this POWER foil can pull quite hard.  If a small child is piloting it, I suggest holding onto them.

The foil is very well made and exceptionally durable, which makes it a great trainer.  The more recent P.1s come with an improved bridle system.  Whether this new system improves the foil's performance is hard to tell.

The only drawback to the P.1 is the line that comes with it.  When it gets wrapped up in the lines of another kite, its line frays quite easily.  We have not experienced this problem on any of our other kites..  Both Patrick and I have frayed and broken P.1 lines.

Closing Thoughts
It's good to have a foil in your kite bag, so you can train a friend without having to worry about breaking a leading edge on one of your prized delta wing kites.
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