Hal's Prism Designs "E2"
Last Updated January 15, 2007.
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In mid 2004, I purchased this kite.  I initially intended to swap it for Patrick's blue E2, which I had already beaten up a bit.  However, after comparing the two color schemes, Patrick decided that he'd rather keep his original kite.  The E2 came with a very nice carrying bag, a set of Spectra lines (with handles and winder), the best instruction DVD out there, a lapel pin and an inexpensive wind gauge.

The width of this kite is 90.5" (or 7' 6.5") from tip to tip.  When stood on end, its overall height is 39.5", with the tail of the spine 6.5" above the ground.  The single standoff per side is 10.5" from sail to inside edge of lower spreader bar.

Flight Characteristics
Considering that I haven't flown this kite much since before I purchased my Mamba, my review of this kite's flight characteristics is limited.  However, it handles moderately well when flown in its sweet spot, even though it suffers from a bit of overspin.  It is nowhere near the flyer that the Mamba and the Nirvana are.  Still, I learned recoveries, back flips, lazy susans, yoyos and coin tosses with it.  In all fairness, I need to spend some time adjusting the harness, to see if I can get better performance out of it.  On Prism's instruction DVD, the E2 is shown doing all of the main tricks: axels, flick flacks, fades and lots of combination tricks.  This isn't a kite that will be seen in competition but it is a descent kite to start with, for a reasonable price.

The top left photo shows the spars on the back of the kite that support the trailing edge of both sail tips.  The second photo down on the left shows the single standoff adjustment, that is supposed to help fine tune the kite dependent upon wind speed; I found a single setting that seemed to work best and left it there.  The third and fourth photos down on the left show the harness adjustment that is also supposed to help fine tune the kite's flying characteristics dependent upon the wind.  All in all, this is a very nice looking kite, with a great sail pattern, that comes in four standard color combinations.  The two that Patrick and I own are my favorites.

If you have questions about this or other kites on this Web site, please feel free to email Patrick or me.  If we can, we will be happy to answer your questions.
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